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We equip leaders with strategies and tools to create corporate well-being in order to foster a more engaged workforce, a thriving culture and more efficient organisation.

Are You Ready for long-term remote work?
-and it's consequences!

COVID-19 may will end up in the history books as the one event that pushed us to remote work. But there are challenges related to this transition. We are risking a deteriorating organisational culture, poor mental health and low efficiency. To consider the impact on the organisation’s operations and strategic goals, we help: 

  • Identify which immediate actions to take in Post-COVIS-19 in your organisation.
  • Formalize a Post-COVID-19 policy regarding remote work.
  • Design the implementation for remote work and the well-being strategy.
  • Leadership: How to build an engaged, resilient, thriving and agile virtual workforce.

Returning to the office isn’t a matter of simply opening the door!

Instead, it needs to be part of a systematic reconsideration of what exactly the office and working environment brings to the organisation. To ensure this process team up with Louise Luxhøi, who is an expert on corporate mental health strategies and business psychology 


About the Program Director

Business Psychology and Well-being Senior Consultant Louise Luxhøi, has been exploring the advantages of Psychology and Neuroscience and how to apply this knowledge to executives and global organizations for commercial benefit and social good for the past 12 years.

“I truly believe in helping leaders build new psychological capabilities to increase the quality of living while fulfilling important business goals”. 

Louise Luxhøi, CEO, Innovate Your Mindset. Master in Psychology and Mental Health promotion strategies.

Higher learning outcomes at a much lower cost!

Science-based tools 

Frameworks from Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavioural Dynamics that will have a tremendous impact on your personal leadership abilities.

Flexible learning   

Make learning new skills easy by having a flexible but structured approach to online training, where you can learn around your schedule.

Leadership Masterclasses

Psychological insights and Leadership strategies for driving organisational change, preparing for future disruptions and maintaining performance.

Innovation is usually associated with major shifts

in technology like the latest Smartphone.

BUT innovation is born from one thing;

The Mindset of people!

Smart leaders know

that applying elements of psychology

has HUGE business advantages!


ROI = 2.2

There is a competitive advantage in strategic wellbeing leadership development, as it measurably creates more growth and better efficiency.

  • Inefficiency due to dissatisfaction creates large costs.
  • We do not perform optimally when we are unhappy.
  • We then communicate and collaborate vaguely.
  • Our brain is working poorly and we can not contribute with innovation. 

In large studies with 300 companies, ROI has been calculated by investing in leadership development and strategic wellbeing management. The result was factor 2.2

Source: International Social Security Association. 

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